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At 17:05 20/08/2003 -0300, you wrote:
>Virgil Smith wrote:
>> Will _ALERT work for your purposes?
>It would, if there was one in Lua 5.0. I found nothing about it in
>the docs. If I am not mistaken there used to be an _ALERT in Lua 3.2...

_ALERT is present in Lua 5.0 for compatibility, but it's not part of the core,
it's simply a protocol that lua.c uses.

The ony way to catch error messages is on the C side. Try lua_pcall and your
own error function.

Is there a 'generic' way to do this, and show debug information? I remember the i/o library from lua4 would redefine _ERRORMESSAGE to print the error and a traceback.. Is there anything similar on the lua5 libraries? (currently I'm pushing a function that prints debug.traceback, but I ask just in case).