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Hello Diego,

I'm just migrating our software to Lua-5.0 and also used your
latest luasocket-5.0-alpha.

I would like to suggest a few extensions to the C-API of luasocket.
So far the only C-function available seems to be the initialization
method to bring luasocket into a lua_State, i.e. luaopen_socket().

Now, our application is a bit more complex and we want to continue
running our own mainloop even when there are a few extensions
involved, which are written in Lua, also using a socket. Therefore,
besides being able to drag the luasocket library into an interpreter,
we'd like to do the following things:

- Install hook functions which are called whenever a socket is
  created or closed, like:

    typedef void (*lua_socket_handler_t) (lua_State *, t_sock);
    extern lua_socket_handler_t lua_socket_created;
    extern lua_socket_handler_t lua_socket_deleted;

  BTW, t_sock is int, even in Windows, where it is declared HANDLE,
  it is still int., therefore rather:

    typedef void (*lua_socket_handler_t) (lua_State *, int socket);

  The lua_socket_created hook, unless NULL, is called when a socket is
  bound and listen()s, auccessfully connect()ed, or accept()ed a
  connection.  The lua_socket_deleted hook, unless NULL, is called when
  a socket is close()d.

- A C-function to detect if at a specific stack index there is a socket.
  You have those internally, but I'd need to use them too.

- Access the socket descriptor inside such a userdata object at a
  specific position in the stack.

- A C-function to push a socket userdata object, when I have an "int fd".

With Lua-4.x these things were very easy to patch.

But now, in the wonderful world of "full" userdata items and
metatables, there are too many intricacies. It is no more a
three-liner to achieve the above.

What do you think? Could you publish these hooks and functions?