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 Just a complement ! I say u can find basic information in Game Scripting Mastery about thisparticular point. But in all case this book a really good place if you want to understand all that is behind the scripting problem.
 This book is really complete and really interesting .. a must have I think. The only missing part is the integration of  scripting with real object oriented language (C++) that is not a so simple task.

  SO don't think that this book is only good for a basic introduction : it's a real interesting and usefull one.

Have a nice day.

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Envoyé : lundi 11 août 2003 08:28
À : Lua list
Objet : RE: stage management in games

Hi all.
 Yes like richard say you can find basic information in the Game Scripting Mastery. I'm reading this book and in the first chapter you'll discover how can be implemented a scripting system in a frame related application (the exemple is : the script say to an object to move, this object take this order into account and don't take any other script command until the movement is not finish).
 This is a real exemple but it's explained ;)

  I'm a real beginner in Lua and I focus on Lua's integration in C/C++ application. I think I'll launch this kind of discussion soon in a more deeper interest.


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De : Richard Ranft []
Envoyé : dimanche 10 août 2003 03:27
À : Lua list
Objet : RE: stage management in games

This actually deals with AI processing.  If you set up your AI so that it
can handle command ques then it will manage itself between frames.
Basically, you need to create an AI interface that can add these
instructions to it's list of things to do, then take it's turn in the loop
to update it's own position or whatnot for the frame.  With Lua 5's
multithreading support it would be possible to give each AI it's own script
cue, making this even easier.

This sort of command que structure is described in extensive detail in
several books - Game Programming Gems 1-3, Data Structures for Game
Programmers, The Zen of Direct3D Game Programming, Game Scripting Mastery,
Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus, and probably in about twenty
other books that deal specifically with AI issues.

I'd also recommend looking through's tutorials and articles, as
well as Gamasutra.

Game Developers' Magazine is available free for simply filling out a quick
survey every so often (or to all IGDA members) and it has articles in it
covering a wide range of game programming topics.

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Sent: Saturday, August 09, 2003 3:48 PM
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Subject: stage management in games

I would like to be able to write a script for my game to stage manage the
characters. Something like:

ogre = monster("Eric")

ogre:WalkTo(30, 40)


The trouble is, with something like this the rest of my game will pause
until Eric's said his line. Is there a way each agent can call a script like
this, which will do a frame's worth of logic and then hand back control so
that everything else in the game can be updated too?

thanks for any help with this.