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Again, thx Peter...

> How to find the key for a table value?

Interesting direction... And maybe I'm not grokking it immediately, but it
doesn't seem to suit me need immediately.

Based on your description (and the code at this maps values to keys;
whereas, I want to map indeces into the table to keys...

That is, for a table of key/value pairs, give me the key (or value,
ideally), of the 'nth' item in the table....

Kinda strange this isn't available, IMHO.

> How to find the key for a table value?  Since Lua doesn't keep this
> information in the table, you must either search the table, or build
> another table with the reverse mapping of values to keys.

Another thing: you mention that "Lua doesn't keep this information in the
table".  It doesn¹t ?   Now THAT seems odd.  Where does it keep it?

I'm trying to not look at lua's implementation of most things, as I'd be
tempted to duplicate/modify them to suit my needs which would jeopardize
future lua compatibility, but I'm beginning to think that I might need to...

> You could even add a __newindex event to the metatable for t so that the
> reverse table is built incrementally as key/value pairs are added to t.

This makes some sense and is worth looking into...    I definitely feel
there are myriad solutions to my problem; it's merely a matter of teasing
out the most appriopriate...