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ted wrote:
I would like to be able to write a script for my game to stage manage the
characters. Something like:

ogre = monster("Eric")

ogre:WalkTo(30, 40)


The trouble is, with something like this the rest of my game will pause
until Eric's said his line. Is there a way each agent can call a script like
this, which will do a frame's worth of logic and then hand back control so
that everything else in the game can be updated too?

You probably want to look into Lua5's (possible-underdocumented)

With these you can manually yield a thread of control at
particular points (say within your Ogre logic) and resume
at a later time (say, the next frame).  Coroutines are useful
for 'hand-scheduling' stuff as well as funky things like
marvellous iterators and the ever-popular state machines
(along the lines of your requirements).

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