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In principle I would like to share. In reality, since what I've got is a
mixture of Apple sample code and stuff that mostly works but doesn't
necessarily do exactly what one wants (e.g., I chose to have a new lua_State
per window which isn't necessarily ideal for loading modules), it's probably
not in a particularly shareable state. I'll see if I can find some time to
get it cleaned up. Sorry.


on 8/8/03 7:08 AM, at wrote:

> Mark Hamburg:
>> Incidentally, it wasn't a huge effort for me taking Apple's TextEdit
> sample
>> for MacOS X (which is written in something closer to NeXTStep than
> Cocoa)
>> and get it working as a Lua shell. I didn't have any line ending issues,
> but
>> that's probably because Cocoa is closer to the Unix world than the
>> traditional Mac world.
> You wouldn't care to share?