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Hello All,

I am using Lua 5.0 and now trying to create Lua command(C-function)
 that will stop execution of script, but in such a way that I can later
 resume it.

 I want to make it work in such a way:
 print "Lua: Before Wait";
 -- vvvv This is command i'm trying to implement
 print "Lua: After Wait";
  printf("The Start!\n");
  printf("Press any key to continue...");
  printf("The End!\n");
 ---Program Output----------
 The Start!
 Lua: Before Wait
 Press any key to continue...
 Lua: After Wait
 The End!

 Can it be done? If it can be done, can you give me some advises(how
 to implement such command)?

 PS Multithreading is not a solution in my case(i have already looked
 through Titmouse code)
 PPS Excuse my English...  

Best regards,
 Antero Vipunen.