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Thanks R.

>> This is text typed in by the user directly from TextEdit (I know, don¹t
>> cringe mac users out that that I'm still using TextEdit; it's on my list
> to
>> change! :)
>> TE always has had \r at new lines...
> You should change text editors. :) But I don't think that will solve your
> problems.

> Meanwhile, your best bet is probably to download BBEdit Light
> or buy the full version, or use the Project Builder text editor, or one of
> the utilities kicking around to normalise line endings.

Well,  my scripts are all edited inside my app in views (currently using
text edit).   I want to eventually replace TE with apple's replacement (I
forget it's name) or something super duper cool - with colorizing key words,
etc... Like a real code editor.

Know of any that are cross platform!?!?!?   :)