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Apologies if this question has been asked before; I did a quick search of
the archives and came up empty:

I'm trying to compile Lua 5.0 for Mac OS X using Codewarrior Pro 8. I have
limited experience with Makefiles, but I gather from the luac makefile that
the luac.c, print.c, and lopcodes.c sources are required for building luac
(in addition to the lualib and liblualib libraries). However, when I try to
compile luac, I get the following warnring and error:

Link Warning : ignored 'luaP_opmodes' (readonly data) in LuaCoreLib
Previously defined in lopcodes.c

Link Error   : undefined: 'luaP_opnames' (data)
Referenced from 'PrintCode' in print.c

It seems that, since this data is defined already within lualib, Codewarrior
doesn't like the fact that I am including the lopcodes.c source file again
in the luac build. Of course if I remove from the list of luac sources, I
get the undefined: 'luaP_opnames' error again.

How do I get around this?

Tim Conkling