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Hi All,

I am sorry if there is any double posting, but I didn't get this message
back from the list, so I am sending it again.

I am releasing an alpha version of LuaSocket 2.0 for Lua 5.0. 

As usual, the code can be downloaded from the LuaSocket website at

Here are a few of the new features:

* Major C code rewrite. Code is modular and extensible. Hopefully, next
  versions will include code for local domain sockets, file descriptors,
  pipes (on unix) and named pipes (on windows) as a bonus;

* All functions provided by the library are in the namespace "socket".
  Functions such as send/receive/timeout/close etc do not exist anymore as
  stand alone functions. They are now only available as methods of the
  appropriate objects;

* TCP has been changed to become more uniform.  First create an object,
  then connect or bind if needed. Then use IO functions. The
  "socket.connect" and "socket.bind" functions are provided for
  simplicity, but they just call "socket.tcp" followed by the ":connect"
  or ":bind" methods;

* All functions return a non-nil value as first return value if
  successful.  All functions return whatever could be retrieved followed
  by error message in case of error. The best way to check for errors is
  to check for the presence of an error message.  WARNING: The send
  function was affected;

* Better error messages and parameter checking;

* UDP connected udp sockets can break association with peer by calling
  setpeername with address "*";

* socket.sleep and socket.time are now part of the library and are

* Socket options interface has been improved and TCP now also supports
  socket options;

There should be no significant changes before the final version. Perhaps
only a few added features and a little finetuning.

Have fun,