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I have some pretty long strings containing binary data like this one:

data = "\000\020\005\123\ ... \233\245\255\123\234\142"

Is there any way to make that line look beter? It tends to get pretty long but I can't break it up because it'll introduce \n chars in the data. I'd like to make it a bunch of ~80 chars long lines and in C I would be able to do that like this:
data =
"\000\020\005\123\ ... \233\245\255\123\234\142"
"\000\020\005\123\ ... \233\245\255\123\234\142"
"\000\020\005\123\ ... \233\245"

Is there any way to do this in lua? I couldn't find anything in the manual. I generally often wonder why lua doesn't have some helpful features C has like the one above or support for specifying numeric literals in non-decimal bases like 2, 8, 16 (which I consider quite important especially when reading configuration scripts or interfacing C apis). This couldn't be considered bloat could it?