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<> wrote in message">
> > Unfortunately though, I need to create access to all libraries again in
> that
> > global space don't I?  or at least the libraries I want the user to be
> able
> > to access.
> Yep, but I think that is a strength.

Come to think of it, I think that's good too - I can prevent people having
access to those nasty looking "raw" functions too. ;-)

> > What's the overhead for that kind of "setting up" of a variable list?
> (if
> > the objects already exist elsewhere in the system I presume its not that
> > costly)
> Depends how you do it. My fave is memoising lazy copy, but it may be
> overkill.

Ok, it took me a few seconds to work out what that inject_math = inject
"math" stuff was doing but I've got it now, the stack gets inject, "math",
sandbox then the inject( "math" ) resolves to the function that takes
sandbox as its argument.

A Lua question, why isn't the syntax inject( "math" )( sandbox )... why is
it inject "math"( sandbox )?