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Me too.  I'm in there for an electronic copy that covers Lua 5.0.  Especially if the integration sections are complete!  Let me know, you can have my money!  ;)

As a related side-note, my company will soon be releasing a product upgrade that uses Lua as its scripting language.  The Lua is not just a side not in the product, it is central to its operation.  Any of our thousands of existing customers as well as new ones will need to know Lua to use the product properly.  As a result, I am sure that we could definitely push some sales your way as well.

- Brett Kapilik

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Ashwin Hirschi []
> Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2003 3:49 PM
> To: Lua list
> Subject: Re: eyes opened (tail recursion)
> > Like a little jewel, well hidden beneath the earth surface. ;)
> Sounds like Lua-in-a-nutshell to me [;-)].
> > Which brings me -again- back to the book...  Either Roberto will
> > educate us infinately here, or, get the book out. :) Or 
> someone else?
> Alternatively, I'd be willing to pay for an electronic copy 
> of the book.
> Though incomplete I really liked the Lua 4 draft version. So 
> I'm definitely
> looking forward to an updated & more complete edition, as I'm 
> sure others
> must be.
> If the paper publication may take a while could the 
> electronic route be a
> good alternative? Roberto, are you still considering such an 
> approach? I'll
> happily paypal you any reasonable amount. I'd be my pleasure 
> to support the
> Lua effort.
> Ashwin.