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> >> Is there any documentation on the functionality in lauxlib.h?
> >
> > Let me try a very brief summary.
> Thanks, Luiz. That's a very useful summary, indeed!


> The thing is: wrapping a C/C++ library manually gives me the 
> opportunity to re-work the original API into something that's 
> much more "scripting-friendly". The last thing I'd want is 
> end up with a near-literal Lua translation of the C/C++ stuff...

You can wrap the C++ API using tolua and still write some Lua glue code
to make it more friendly (see Admittedly it
probably wont be as efficient but it's less error prone and much quicker
than doing everything by hand. Sometimes its just a huge unnecessary
maintainance overhead if you have a large - and potentially quickly
changing API.