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>> Is there any documentation on the functionality in lauxlib.h?
> Let me try a very brief summary.

Thanks, Luiz. That's a very useful summary, indeed!

> On the other hand, requests for documentation of lauxlib are very
> rare. Does this mean that no one is using it? Or perhaps no one is
> really writing library code by hand, relying instead on tolua or
> luabind or luna or whatever.

Well, I for one write all my library code by hand. In fact, I'm a bit
surprised so many people (seem to) consider using tolua, luabind and such as
their first option.

The thing is: wrapping a C/C++ library manually gives me the opportunity to
re-work the original API into something that's much more
"scripting-friendly". The last thing I'd want is end up with a near-literal
Lua translation of the C/C++ stuff...

Then again, maybe that's just me. Or my libraries... [;-)].