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Ah, my original post on this topic held precisely this point.  And the post
you quoted continues my reasoning for ceasing the whole topic.  I noted that
people were batting this back and forth, and I pointed out that we should
all just leave Lua the way it is instead of asking for it to be more like
this or that other language.

If asking for a legitimate, logical explaination of something is "trying to
create a flame war" then I guess I'd better stop.  I honestly wanted to know
why whitespace should have syntactical significance outside of enhancing

Oh, I admit to a little sarcasm on the "50 pointer" but hey, the topic IS
"Python-like syntax for Lua" after all.  Sounds to me like someone wants to
change Lua's syntax to be more Python-like....  Maybe I'm stretching.

So, all "flames" aside - I'm still open to emails to my personal address
from anyone who can answer my questions - you can reach me at


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Subject: Re: python like syntax for lua

> Can anyone explain exaxtly why any method of code block indication is
> better than any other?  And how, specifically, is making whitespace a
> significant syntactical element an improvement over any other more
> readily identified method (by this I mean, how do you visually
> distinguish a tab character from a series of space characters in your
> IDE or editor)?
> Next - 50 pointer here - why should Lua's syntax be changed to
> resemble Python?  What justification for the effort is there?  Why
> don't you do it yourself and call it PyLua or Luathon or whatever?

No one asked to change the Lua syntax, and I'm not planning to change
your mind about anything.

Can you please stop trying to create a flamewar, or I'll have
to drop your mails in my filter.

Gustavo Niemeyer