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Asko Kauppi wrote:
>You can call this "API emulation" if you want - replacing the 
>compile-time environment with another, fooling source code to think the 
>"father" is there although it's a "step-father". :)

Does anyone know how hard that would be? Would it be feasible to use existing
Python header files or would it be best to write our own headers? I can see
good reasons both ways. See below.

The goal would be to provide a C library that fools existing Python modules
into believing they are running over Python, when they would be actually
running over Lua. This would allow Python modules to become Lua libraries
automagically. The motivation is the large number of Python modules that
already exist. Is this perception true? Are there lots of useful Python
modules written in C?.

If we only support binary Python modules, then we wouldn't have to provide
header files to compile Python modules, but we'd still need some headers
to compile the library. In this case, using the original Python headers
would convenient but would also imply that we should use the same struct

If someone that knows Python gives me a push and some help, I'd like to try.
Everyone is welcome to join this, of course.