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>When I see such a comment about someone saying he's going to waste
>he's own time to try something different, I call this overreaction.

If I wanted to lear Python, I'd learn Python.  I always indent my code,
simply because it makes it more readable.  Not because I have to.  Sounds
more like people wishing to make others learn to do things their way, not an
indifferent attitude towards learning something new.  Like I said - when I
wish to learn Python, I'll learn it.  Right now I wish to learn Lua.

>> I mean, you don't see people walking around wishing for English-like
>> syntax in Chinese....  Just pick a language and use it.

>But you do see people learning Chinese in England, for that matter,
>and they're usually not spanked because of that. :-)

Yes, my point exactly.  People in England who wish to learn Chinese just go
and learn Chinese.  They don't sit about wishing that Chinese was more like
English (well, I suppose some do....), they just go learn it knowing that
they have an actual reason for doing so and an application for which the
knowledge will be useful.  They don't run about saying "We need to make
Chinese like English because I like the way English is written."

Incidentally, Chinese grammar is relatively similar to English grammar,
compared to Korean.  Not that it's important.  :)