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No, the python core would not be needed - otherwise it makes little sense to do this.

You can call this "API emulation" if you want - replacing the compile-time environment with another, fooling source code to think the "father" is there although it's a "step-father". :)

I'm already doing this for the Lua API, somewhat, but unfortunately won't have time right now to go further with the 'hypton'. I see no obstacles, though.


Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo kirjoittaa lauantaina, 14. kesäkuuta 2003, kello 03:34:

I've lately experimented with the idea of compiling Python extension
modules (that there's lots of) as Lua extensions. This is still in very infancy - it's called 'hypton' within the gluax releases - but it could
just as well work.

The benefits:
- proven code from the Py community
- possibly 1-to-1 API with the Py community

To make this clear, you wouldn't need Py at all for anything. Just rip
the modules you like, recompile (for lua) and off you go..

That would be very nice! You'd still need the Python core, wouldn't you?
Or do you plan to reimplement this on top of Lua?