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i am currently running lua 5.0 on an micro-controller, i currently have two
threads of execution running on my current platform. one which is the
service thread which cannot be pre-empted and actually controls the
switching in of the other thread. The other thread is the application
thread, this thread can be pre-empted and is responsbile for executing lua
scripts and other non critical stuff.

with that given back ground i am just wondering whether somone can confirm
or deny whether the following in possible..

if during the executing of a lua script within the application thread the
processor switches over to the system thread is it possible for this system
thread to call lua stack routines to manipulate the global environment,
bearning in mind that anywhere in the lua code the application thread can be
preempted. i am suspecting that i cannot do this. perhaps there is a portion
of code which is responsible for access to the global environment that i can
make non-preemptable that will allow me to do this?

if anyone can offer any assistance or advice then please let me know.


    Andrew Teirney