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I would also be very intersted in this.
One suggestion tho:
It might be better to do a binding to GraficsMagick, as that is a branch of ImageMagick that is esp. meant to provide stable API interfaces.

In November, 2002, the GraphicsMagick project was formed as a branch from ImageMagick 5.5.2. The project was formed in order to develop a more "stable" form of ImageMagick which is suitable to be use as a base for other open source (and proprietary) applications. It was perceived that ImageMagick provided tremendous value, but also proved to be difficult to rely on as a stable application component since the ImageMagick interfaces often changed between releases, and there was no concept of shared library ABI stability. GraphicsMagick intends to resolve these issues while providing an appealing development environment to attract the best available developers.

ImageMagick is known to be very much a 'moving target' in sense of API...

just my 2c


Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:

Does anybody plan to make ImageMagick binding for Lua?
I know, it seems to be a huge work.... I'll take part.

That would be very tool. I'm willing to help.

Another nice project is to bind Lua to GIMP, but I don't know how large the
job would be. Perhaps Adam Moss (adam at knows?