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on 6/2/03 12:02 PM, Deneb aka Alpha Cygnus at wrote:

>> In my priority list it is very high. But it does not seem to be very
>> high in publishers' lists ;)
> Well, I am concerned about the electronic version, for 2 reasons: a) It
> doesn't require any pulisher (except, maybe web hosting), and 2) I highly
> doubt that it'll be published in Russia, and going to Brazil to buy your
> book is not exactly high in my priority list :-)

One of the points of resistance I've met with respect to using Lua is the
question: Where are the books? People then point to books for JavaScript,
PHP, Perl, Python, etc.. It would be nice to have something to point to for
Lua. Or a response that said, "Lua is so simple, you don't need a lot of
books, but here is a really good tutorial."