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Your tip on Hydra was a brilliant one! It seems highly enjoyable even as a traditional 'personal' editor without the groupware aspects. Actually, i find it cool to be able to see (highlighted) any bits i've edited.. Nice feature other editors could adopt.

On your syntax template, it seems okay except for that text string ('blah' or "blah") within one-line comments are not with comment color.


Eli kirjoittaa torstaina, 29. toukokuuta 2003, kello 20:48:

I also use vim, which can easily be installed from DarwinPorts. DarwinPorts is kind of like Fink, but you can just install binary packages without having to
install the entire build infrastructure.

You can also, using Finder's "Connect To Server", find all the .pkg files

But I also like Hydra, which behaves almost exactly like any other MacOS X text editor, with syntax highlighting and their very cool Rendezvous-enabled
collaborative editing.

I've written (hacked) a syntax file for Lua for Hydra, which I've included. This was the product of about 20-30 minutes of work, so don't expect miracles.

from Asko Kauppi on 2003-05-29 at 05:26:07:

I'm missing a nice-and-simple, customizable text editor on OS X.

	- looks cool ;)
	- "goto line" etc.
	- customizable syntax coloring (for Lua)
	- ..not much more..

I'm not looking for "i heard of this great.." comments but things
you've actually used yourself. Preferably with Lua coding (also C/C++).
I'm currently using partly the OS X built-in editor, partly its C/C++
IDE. Neither is ideal for Lua.


ps. In the looooong run, a debugging-enabled, syntax colored Lua IDE.
:) If dreams would come true... *sigh*  ;)