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On Saturday 31 May 2003 21.43, Thatcher Ulrich wrote:
> The point of the incremental work is to make it possible to convert
> the occasional very long delay into a large number of relatively
> short delays.
> Dunno what that means in terms of hard/soft real-time.

Provided there's a way to reliably control the worst case latency 
without risking running out of memory, this should make hard real 
time possible.

Indeed, doing too little work at a time will result in more cache 
thrashing (you get new memory instead of recentlf reclaimed memory), 
but such a performance impact is insignificant as long as the system 
can meet it's deadlines.

Doesn't hurt if average performance can be maximised, but as far as 
I'm concerned, I'd rather put slightly faster CPUs in our instruments 
than not using Lua at all. (They're in the $50,000 range. :-) So, if 
one GC can't do both, there has to be at least two options to satisfy 
both soft/non and hard real time applications.

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