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On Tue, Jan 28, 2003 at 07:11:30PM -0000, jimmyp_gr <> wrote:
> btw why the distinction between full and light userdata in Lua5.Light
> ones can be implemented with full ones anyway(using a full userdata of
> size sizeof(void *)).I know it's not so important but it seems to me
> that it unnecessarily adds complexity when lua's goal seems to be
> simplicity.

I guess the "light-weight" userdata is to ease the burden on Lua's
internals whenever necessasry, i.e., no meta table bookkeeping

However, my biggest complaint of lua5 is now there seems no way to
define a "heavy-weight" userdata without using Lua's memory allocation
method. I can no longer define a GC method for pure C pointers. 
When it occurred to me almost impossible to convert my program to
Lua5, I'd still stick with Lua4 for now.

Or I could be wrong on this, can somebody enlighten me please?