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It's official behavior, and I would assume likely to remain the same in future 
versions, but I don't think it's the official behavior you think it is, given 
your subject line.

No local functions are created in this code. Instead, the "table.test" 
function replaces itself with a new function during its execution. If you 
executed table.test(123) twice, for example, the second time it would merely 
print the "internal test function" line.


On Wednesday 22 January 2003 03:57 pm, Markus Huber wrote:
> Is this an official behaviour also for future lua versions?
>    function table.test(number)
>       print('top')
>       function table.test(number)
>          print('internal test function',number*2)
>       end
>       table.test(number)
>       print('bottom')
>    end
>    table.test(123)
>    --> top
>    --> internal test function  246
>    --> bottom
> I would like to use this as an feature.
> Markus