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> One way is to use a proxy table that is always empty and set
> metamethods to read/write from your table or C. Something like this:
> C={}	-- proxy for C vars
> setmetatable{C,{
> 	__index = function (t,i) get and return C var i end
> 	__newindex = function (t,i,v) set C var i to v end
> })
> The same idea works for implementing the old gettable/settable tag

Then I'd have to use something like C.cvar=cval right?I was hoping on
making C and lua var access identical.So if I create(via C) a global
full userdata var,there's no way of having a C or lua routine run
every time my var gets read and written?Or everytime any var gets read
or written.I could check wether type()=="userdata" and if not imitate
the default action

I see now that __index also only works on uninitialized globals.Why is
that?Wouldn't it be possible to provide read,write,newread,newwrite