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> >I didn't see a metamethod for the assignment operator in the
> The metamethods are set for the table of globals, which you get using
> "getglobals()". Set "__index" and "__newindex" metamethods for this

I see... but won't this interfere with normal lua variable
assignment?Will I have to check if the assigned to variable is an
exported function and if not call the default metamethod or is that
done automagically?
Btw1 I have to create a new tag,set it's metamethods and then set this
as the global table's tag right?
Btw2 this is all in lua 5 if I'm not mistaken.The corresponding tag
methods methods for lua 4 are "index","settable" and "gettable"
right?Or should I use lua 5 instead?

Hmmm,... looking back I see that every single sentence ends with a
question mark.Sorry for that...