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>> The solution adopted in Lua 5.0 is that every function (including the "main"
>> function in each chunk) has its own table of globals, which can be changed.
>> With adequate metamethods set for these table of globals, you can have a
>> sort of implicit declaration of locals, flag writes to global variables,
>> and much more.
>Is this also in 4w4? That is what my current application uses.

You mean, Lua 4.1-work4? I don't think so: 4.1w4 still used the "global"
keyword, but I'm no longer sure with what semantics :-). Anwyay, this version
has long been replaced by Lua 5.0 (alpha) and now recently by Lua 5.0 (beta)
with Lua 5.0 (final) to be released soon (probably in February). I suggest you
move to an official version, away from a work version.