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Peter Hill wrote:
> Next plan... a nice simple fully top-down approach. Which leaves one
> decision...
> (a) Create a full parse-tree then use that to produce code. This gives a
> better picture of the structure, and is ammenable to optimisation (if any
> can apply)

Well, this may be less efficient for larger Lua programs. 
Such a parse tree can get quite large if you have a big
data file like Lua files. 

> (b) Perform an on-the-fly code production. This requires a lex-lookahead but
> is how the Lua C-code current does it (I think) and doesn't require building
> a temporary tree.

This is prpbably the most efficient approach, though it might 
be a bit more difficult to program. Still, for efficiency,
I think this woul probably be the best approach.

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Daniel Remar.
Björn De Meyer