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iam new to Lua and i wonder that there are no pointers available in lua! I searched the mailing list and the documentation. I often found table’s and this should solve my problems. But i dont understand the concepts behind ‘tables instead of pointers’. My usecase looks like this:


Only a small function that should return the pointer to the current set ‘Face’:


// Lua : FaGetCurrent( void );  Lua glueed Functionname

int Face_GetCurrent( lua_State* luaVM )


      // Übermitteln wir mal den aktuellen Zeiger

      lua_pushuserdata( luaVM, (PVOID)g_pFace_Current );


      // und wech

      return 1;




Next is the corresponding C function wicht returns the Pointer from my selfdefined type LPFACE.


LPFACE welFace_GetCurrent( void ){ return g_pFace_Current; }


Now i want somthing like that in my luascript


PVOID       myPointer = NULL;

myPointer = FaGetCurrent();


How do I solve my Problem!


Thanks for your advice!

Oliver Düvel