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Björn De Meyer wrote:
The other more important problem wich I mention here is CJK unification. If I am not mistaken, even in Unicode of these days, many Chinese, Japanese and Korean ideographs have not been included on grounds of being historical forms, being "too similar" with other ideographs, on grounds of being uncommon in usage, or on grounds of being writable by
other characters.

For Japanese, I think in the 50's there was a movement to reduce the number "essential characters", likely with the goal of improving the literacy rate. A set of 1,850 characters was adopted by law and publications now limit themselves to that set except for proper names, as you say.

If there is a group of Japanese not happy with the unicode situation, aren't they free to press for additions to the code set, and to lobby their government to produce a complete and freely licensed font to preserve their heritage?


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