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Hi Christian,

>regardless of whether LuaJava is thread-safe, Lua 4.0 itself is
>not. So, even if LuaJava were meade thread-safe now, you still could
>not accomplish what you want to do with the current stable version of

Hmmm, in that case one should withdraw any LuaJava examples
dealing with AWT event handlers as they lead to the impres-
sion, that one could script graphical user interfaces - and
this seems to be wrong  (AWT and Swing rely on multi-threa-

>You *can*, however, use multiple Java threads, as long as you take
>care that LuaJava has interactions with only a single thread, which
>always must be the same one.

Hmmm, this might be a condition  which I can't meet - but I
have to think over it.  Nevertheless,  the lack of  thread-
safety is a very severe restriction of LuaJava...

Thanks anyway for your important(!) remark!

Kind regards,

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