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Hi Christian,

(back from playing with my little son...)

>you can find the package at

Thanks in advance for the code. I'll have a look into it tomor-
row. Meanwhile, based on your suggestion from this afternoon, I
have written some Lua tag methods which implement "data fields"
similar to JavaBeans and map them  (either to Lua functions or)
to Java methods.  This mapping is defined  only once  (within a
"prototype object" and "inherited" by "instances" of that "pro-
totype" - nevertheless,  the methods called are always those of
the actual Java proxy. I'll have to compare that to your imple-
mentation of the UNO component.
>Iteration over a Java proxy with for/foreach does not really make
>sense, because these should not be used as regular lua tables. You
>would need to use the Java reflection API on the underlying Java
>object to accomplish what you want.

Again,  the idea is to present "data fields" tothe Lua program-
mer and map accesses to these table entries  to set/get methods
in Java.  Later,  I would then implement a number of  "host ob-
jects" (in Java)  which extend the  (networking and multimedia) 
capabilites of Lua towards my needs...  As I know these classes
in advance, I could do without Java reflection - or use it just
once (namely for the creation of the "prototype" object)

Have a pleasant evening! (and thanks for your effort!)

Andreas Rozek         Phone:  ++49 (7031) 222305
Bunsenstraße 82       Fax:    -
D-71032 Böblingen     EMail:  A.Rozek@GMX.De
Germany               URL: