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I haven't looked closely at using this stuff, but it seems like any long process that will eventually return a result could be handled nicely this way.  A Lua thread that reads from the network, performs a long calculation, launches an asynchronous process to compute a result, etc.

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From: Roberto Ierusalimschy []
Sent: Thursday, November 21, 2002 8:35 AM
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Subject: Re: incompatibilities to 5.0 beta 

> But: is there any way to tell if a coroutine returned returned due to a
> yield, or due to a "return"? (I mean a generalized way, that doesn't depend
> on the function "return"ing a special value.)

No. (Although you can find out the next time you try to resume it.)
Maybe we will add something like "coroutine.status" that tells whether
a coroutine is still active, but we are still waiting for "realistic

-- Roberto