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Hello there,

I am currently investigating lua (aiming at version 5.0) as a
scripting language for several purposes. Looks very promising so far.

Whilst reading through recent articles in the lua-l archive, I came
across a discussion about string concatenation. I learnt that there is
a function to join the elements of a table together in a string, but
I could not find a function to split a string into a table, something
like perls split() or phps explode(). I think this would be a valuable
addition to the core library.

I am very much in favor of a small core library for an embedded
scripting language. Nonetheless, I think it would be justified to add
this function, as opposed to having it in a third party library, or
writing it in lua itself, because the opposite function is already


Gunnar (having a very interesting time with the lua-l archive ;-)
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