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>Just calling one function in the C dll/so from Lua is not enough. Have you
>got plans on how the C code will actually interact with the Lua engine
>(where it's being called from). 

The idea is that the "init" function will register other C functions in Lua.
Yes, it does receive a lua_State* -- the "init" function is Lua function written
in C. Could you please explain why this scheme is not enough?

>This won't work across different Lua versions. Do all the modules being used
>need to match the Engine using them?

Yes. This is a hard problem. Different Lua versions have different APIs,
although we do take pains in trying to maintain compatibility, but sometimes
this compatibility is obtained via macros and so existing code must be

>Or do you plan on providing a limited set of features that are supposed to
>remain binary compatible (in the Engine) also in the future?

That would be nice, but I'm not sure we're ready for binary compatibility yet.