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I am so sorry. Next time I will look more carfully at the manual.

To change of subject ...

I am planing to release (GPL or something) a shell library I have written
for my 3d engine
( The shell allows to navigate through the class hierarchy
of the engine
(or of your own application).
You can use predefined functions on each class (such as 'cd', 'pwd') and
each class
can define its own functions (basicaly accessor methods, but can be
error/integrity check, etc)
so that its C++ methods are directly
available through the shell (and also for scrips that can be launch on the

Of course, all this stuff use LUA.

Do you think it can be of interest ? Do you have any comment on the design ?


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Sent: Tuesday, November 19, 2002 1:19 AM
Subject: Re: access to the keys of a table

> >I was working with LUA 4.0, which doesn't seem to have this facility.
> Lua 4.0 does have lua_next. See 5.12 in the reference manual.
> --lhf