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> While I agree that Lua is simple and easy to modify, doing so 
> means that you need to reapply or reimplement the 
> modifications everytime the Lua team revs their code.

I can't agree with this more.  While I understand and appreciate that
one of the core philosophies for open source of any type is that it's
there to modify, for a lot of developers they just want to use something
that works but which is also flexible enough to modify without requiring
source code modifications that are rendered obsolete each time the core
library is updated.

The examples typically given include error handlers; console print
functions; memory allocators; file IO (if relevant); etc.  The open
source libraries i'm developing provide an optional callback structure
during context initialization that allows the user to override these
components if desired, otherwise they assume that you'll be using the
"Standard" ones such as printf, malloc, free, etc.

Anyway, this has been hashed to death in the past (no pun intended for
those that get the reference to THAT discussion...)