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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote: 
> >Aha!  That did go unnoticed, at least by me...  very cool; this is
> >pretty much what I wanted.  Well, actually I'd like to see code for
> >non-Unix platforms added as well, but I guess that will have to be
> >contributed;
> There's an implementation for Windows DLL in etc/dll.c. And, yes, it'd be
> nice
> to have similar (bare-bones!) code for other platforms.

Luiz, it would be nice if the loadlib code were platform independant from the
lua side, that is, in unix it would look like:

loadlib( "", "init" )

while in win32 it would be:

loadlib( "name.dll", "init" )

and it should be something like:

loadlib( "name", "init" )

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