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If presume that by coroutine (you and Luiz Henrique ) are talking about
cooperative multitasking ? The way it was implemented in the module
Can be done for the lua VM but will not work for the C++ calls issued by the
lua vm.
In a seperate thread both problems are handled (if I enough skilled do to it
well, and that's the point).

Will investigate the link, thank you.


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Regarding examples of threading with pthreads, take a look at this
URL for an example of a synchronization subroutine using pthreads.
This is where I started from.

Coroutines might do the trick, but I haven't investigated them yet
as lua only came into the picture when I started looking for a
scripting language for my application.

--- Rod

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> Ahem... Don't sure to be clear (may be a small test app could be


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