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>> Mutant Storm -- a game
>Looks nice. The Space Tripper game Pompom did was great.
>Uses Lua eh. Care to give us any details?

Miles did not give details of how Lua is used. Here is what he did say about
the game:

 Mutant Storm, the latest joypad smasher from PomPom, inspired by
 Williams classic RoboTron, Smash TV and Jeff Minters fantastic

 To those unacquainted, this means separate move and shoot controls, to
 allow the player to run away and still fire back at the pursuing hordes.

 Set over 89 levels of psychedelic 3D environments, getting ever more
 crowded with nasty beasties, all generated in a state of the art game
 engine using OpenGL.

 Mutant Storm for gamers who want pure action...