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On 2002/10/22 18:45:19, Roberto Ierusalimschy <> 

>> Perhaps Lua 5 might need string buffers (growable buffer of
>> characters), so that string manipulation becomes more efficient. I
>> read somewhere (but forgot the URL) that Lua performs very well (w.r.t
>> other scripting languages) except for string manipulation. But I may
>> be wrong!
> It is quite easy to implement a string buffer in Lua itself; see 

Interesting, it seems to be an implementation of the LTN9 
But I think Basile meant "efficient string buffers"...

Your implementation is good, of course, but still seems (if I understood 
the algorithm) to suffer (to a lesser extent) of some of the old problems: 
it is quite memory intensive as it uses a table to store parts of the 
buffer, and when closing it, we still have to concatenate the parts, 
generating garbage to collect.

Now, a string buffer library can be written quite easily and efficiently. 
The hard part may be to allow smooth integration with native strings. Or 

Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist