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Here's some material on the Java garbage collector(s) (there is more than one
and it seems that you can select wich one you want) :

One of them uses the "train" algorythm, wich supposedly eliminates
undesirable 1-sec pauses when "mark-compact"-like garbage collection
would occur.

Another idea: have a couple of functions on the Lua API for the
programmer to know an estimate of how bad fragmentation is, and to
be able to force a full GC and full memory compaction. This could be
useful for the programmer to call, when the user "pauses the game",
or is detected to be away for the program, or when the game is
changing levels, etc.


On 17 Oct 2002, at 9:17, John Mckenna wrote:

> >2. you should consider compacting or moving garbage collection
> >   techniques, which do have some drawbacks (in particular, real-time
> >   or interactive-time constraints may require tricky tradeoffs or
> >   tuning with such moving GCs).
> You mean spend CPU time on something that's not directly related to
> the game?  Heresy! :-)
> John
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