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Thank you all very much for the wonderful suggestions. I'm a tad 
embarassed to confess to you all that my problem was in the download. 
I did it the 4th time and it worked fine. The document opened in 
Ghostscript's viewer with no problems. 

Now ... a word about the book. 

"programming in Lua" is absolutely the most lucid introduction to a 
programming language I've ever read. I got it to open ~ 5:20 EST, and 
just put it down a few minutes ago. WONDERFUL stuff !!! Kudos to the 
author and editors !! 

Late last year, I bought a book of similar scope and purpose for 
Python. Written by Ivan Van Laningham, published by SAMS. I paid $32 
dollars for it, and it turned out to be a 484 page monument to the 
author's vanity. Its goal was obviously to help the unwashed 
multitude fully appreciate how smart the author was, and not to teach 
anyone anything useful about Python. Dreadful bit of crap ...

It is from this experience that I downloaded and read the draft 
of "Introduction to Lua". What a wonderful suprise. I got hooked on 
the idea of Lua reading the reference manual (also well written), but 
Programming in Lua truly "set the hook". I like this programming 

I look forward to learning more from this bright, lively and generous 
user community. 

Best regards,


--- In lua-l@y..., Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <lhf@t...> wrote:
> >The server is apparently up again as I have been able to download 
> >zip file. Unfortunately, I can't open the file. I 
> >three times just to eliminate the possiblility of a problem on my 
> >end. Still won't open.
> >
> >I was wondering what program you recommend for opening this file 
> >Windows.
> Try RoPS at . The demo version is 
> light and easy to install. Too bad it's not free.
> --lhf