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On Tue, Oct 08, 2002 at 02:42:20PM -0700, Terence Martin wrote:
> and test the return value or see if it generates a link error of some
> type.

As a comment -- that won't work on Debian systems with the lua40 packages
installed since he'd have to include <lua40/lua.h> and link with -llua40

What you ought to do is choose a sensible set of defaults, and then add a
--with-lua flag which says where lua.h is and a --with-lua-lib flag to say
where the lua library file is (either .a or .so)

I'd far rather a configure script let me say where it was than assumed it
was in some particular place and needed me to hit it over the head with a
spanner in order to get it to accept that Lua might be somewhere else.

If you're using a configure script to assist users in getting your code
working, then do it well and assist them rather than hinder them :)

If all else fails, get the user to tell you where lua.h and liblua.{a,so} is


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