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> Ah, drat.  Must be a bug :(


> My best practical advice: switch to Lua 5.0, which has a better yield
> implementation, supported directly by the Lua authors.  If that's not
> possible, you could delve into the Lua 4.0 internals and try to figure
> out what's wrong.  Unfortunately I haven't spent much time in the
> insides of Lua in a while, and what little grasp I had has mostly
> slipped away.  Also, my future efforts will be focused towards 5.0.
> Fortunately, the Lua authors got motivated to add sleep support, and
> it's getting a lot of testing by the community.

Oh well, unfortunately I can't switch to Lua5; it would reuqire too much
rewrite, and also it has very sparse the documentation available. OK, it
looks great, but I couldn't even find any documentation on how to yield to
C, just saw some Lua source on how to create coroutines; this is not
what I want to do...

I will try to make it to work somehow, perhaps a global Lua stack flush
would help. There is a function called popcallinfo(), that looks suspicious
to me...

Also I will need to be able to load/save a lua_state in the future; This was
probably also done before... Anybody know of a source available?

Sorry if what I'm saying was said thousands of times before :)

  Best regards
    Attila Malárik