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I'm writing a small LaTeX editor for Mac OS. I want the user to be able to modify the 'toolbar' the way he wants (with the buttons/actions he wants). I think that Lua would be perfect for that, but I'm facing some problems right now. I've already embeded Lua in my app, and I've made a few functions to set/get globals (strings and tables). What I want to do is to create some kind of "toolbar" object, so that the user can create new instances of a "toolbar_item" and then add that to the main "toolbar". What's the best way to do this? with a table? creating a new type of data? I'm really new to Lua, and I've read all the Reference Manual, is there any other good source of information that covers binding C structs on Lua?
Rolando Abarca
Estudiante Injenieria U. de Chile
rabarca (at)