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(since both SDL and Lua are used, so I also post it here, but for
some people, it could be a double posting, sorry ;-)

The website for this software is at:

Note that it is now a source only pre-release. If you are interested to give
it a try, please let me know your feedbacks and suggestions, I'm preparing
for a 1.0 release soon.

I've tested the compilation on Windows using VC 6.0 and Linux (i386) using
GCC 2.95.3. Compilation on Mac OS X 10.2 also works for me, but I am not
really experienced at this platform.

below is a short description extract from its README:

                GIME 2D Game Development Kit

The GIME 2D Game Development Kit is a great tool for fast prototyping of 2D
games. It is tightly integrated with a scripting language called Lua
(, which has been widely used in the game industry.

The game kit uses SDL (Simple Direct Media, as the
graphics and system layer, and thus is highly portable over all major
platforms including Windows and Linux.

Given the powerful and yet simple API provided by the game kit, a game can
be easily written all using scripting language Lua without resorting to any
C code.

A complete GUI system purely written in Lua comes together with the game
kit. A powerful GUI editor is also provided to create windows and dialogs in
a visual presentation. The GUI components created in the editor are
translated into Lua code snippets, which can be directly put into use in a
real game.