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Benoit Germain <> wrote in

> I was putting together a little powerpoint slide (argh! yuck!) to give
> an overview of LUA to a few colleagues, and I was writing a comment
> about 'break' being here to break out of loops, and I thought that there
> is no 'continue' keyword. Is this because nobody ever needed it, or is
> there some other reason ? It could be useful though...

I believe this question has been raised already.

I tried to search the archive using the Web interface, but the
<> URL seems broken, I got a directory
listing (with only the 2002-05 folder, containing only msg00159.html)
instead of the search form. 

Searching 'continue' in the old (January) archive I have on my hard disk,
I see the topic was first mentioned on 30 Oct 1997! Message-Id:
<> A lot of people stated they miss
continue (and break, which wasn't in the language at the time). 

Another request was in 15 Sep 2000 Message-ID:
<>, and I think it was asked recently too. 

Now, I can't remember the official answer :-)

Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist